Lucas Altette Horn Rim

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Genuine Lucas Altette Chrome Horn Rim & Domed Nut Set.

Approximate measurements:

External diameter of the bezel: 115mm,

Internal diameter of the bezel: 70mm,

Altette embossed onto the bezel rim. The horn rims are genuine lucas. The rights to use the Lucas Classic Motorcycle division name were acquired by a company in 2019, called Wassell. So although this horn rim is genuine Lucas, it is not the Lucas from many years ago. Six small nuts are provided with the rim. Four of them are M5 thread. They do not appear to be completely threaded all the way in. They screw onto a M5 bolt, but may need tapping out. The other two nuts are M6 thread. The original horn rim nuts were not metric. They were 1BA and 1/4" BSF. So original nuts/bolts/screws would not fit the nuts supplied with this horn rim. This is the same for all 'Lucas' altette horn rims offered on ebay, with the green Lucas label, as they are all purchased from and manufactured by the same supplier (Wassell) who now owns the Lucas Classic Motorcycle naming rights.



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