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BSA A7/A10 Carburettor Drip Tray - Laser cut from high-quality stainless steel    - £14.99

BSA part number; 67-0120.   Auto-advance models only. Not suitable for manual advance models as the manual advance fouls one side of the drip tray.

Each of the three holes are 25mm from each other from the centres, to fit between the carb. The small holes are 8.5mm diameter and the large hole is 30mm diameter.

As stated above, these drip trays are high-quality, made from stainless steel.  The inner surface is highly polished for a near mirror finish. The rear is not a mirror finish, it is more of a matt stainless steel finish. It may be possible to polish the rear to a mirror finish. Please note that they may come with remnants of polishing fat on them.

£14.99 including UK postage.


Postage and packing is FREE within the UK. (Non-UK customers please email for accurate postage price)

£14.99 including UK postage.

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